Renault Keycard Repairs

 We repair for all makes of vehicles but we specialise on key cards used on all Renault cars. Unfortunately these cards are easily damaged. Usual symptoms are that the card fails to either unlock or lock the car. This is usually due to poor soldering on the switches, or faulty switches (rattling noise).
With Megane and Scenic  keycards the usual fault is ‘Card not Detected’  or intermittent / none working lock / unlock.
 We dismantle the Key Card and  fit new switches, repair any faults and re-seal the keycard.
A Renault Dealer will charge you £150 for a new key!
All keycards are sent back by Secure Recorded Delivery.
We are based in the United Kingdom but we are happy to deal with International repairs.
New plastic cases are available if your plastic case is damaged. We can remove the PCB from your key and fit it in a new Plastic casing.  The new cases are printed with Laguna or Megane however they can be fitted with the PCB from an Espace or Scenic key.