The keycard has to be the keycard for your car, the Key must be able to start the car, or you have to be sure it is coded for your car. We CANNOT reprogrammme keycards see the TIPS section above

Main Points:

  • If only one of the buttons fails to work, the card CAN be repaired.
  • If both buttons fail to work but keycard still starts the car,the card CAN be repaired but please check the battery see tips page.
  • No fix no charge, we will refund your money less our postage costs.
  • Water damaged cards can usually be repaired. 
  • Keycards that have been opened can take some time to repair as damage is usualy done to the circuit board / components and extra time is needed to replace these components.
  • If you only have one card please email me and we can try and arrange a fast as possible repair.
  • If your keycard will not start the car and you are certain it is a key for your car we can usually repair them but please contact us so we know you are having problems starting.


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Keycard is Split open
Faulty switches are removed and damaged tracks replaced
New switches soldered in place and any dry joints resoldered
Megane / Scenic keys:

  • Usual fault with these keys is 'Card Not Detected' when inserting key, key locks/unlocks ok.
  • None working or intermittent Lock/ Unlock, can also repaired.
  • Please help us with including a description of the fault or faults.
  • You must be sure this is a key for your car we cannot reprogram Megane / Scenic keys

Laguna Espace Megane Scenic and Vel Satis Keycards Repaired
Laguna / Espace 3 button Auto + Lock Keycards:

  • We do not repair 3 button Auto+Lock Keys due to the poor success rate on these keycards
  • The main problem is the PCB is glued to the case. This sometime results in damage to the case and the PCB.

New Case:

  • New plastic cases are available if your plastic case is damaged.
  • Only the two types below are available 
  • The new cases are printed with Laguna or Megane however they can be fitted with the PCB from an Espace or Scenic key.
  • New Plastic Casing are 15.
  • We can only fit the case as part of a repair.
  • We do not supply new keys these are only the covers
New Plastic casing for Laguna / Espace
all cases are printed LAGUNA
New Plastic casing for Megan / Scenic
all cases are printed Megane